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About the Practitioner

Elizabeth Mahone Harlow

Certified Massage Therapist  

I love how Massage Therapy provides supportive space for deep connection to the present. In this supported presence, find increased personal body awareness, notice your mind and body relaxing, and listen to your spiritual intuition.  

Nurturing these connections promotes health and wholeness, energizing your intentions and daily living. Massage Therapy offers so many benefits- for your mind, body, and spirit. See the Benefits of Massage tab on the left for more details!

I am a graduate of The Massage School in Easthampton, MA- an 800 hour certification program, where I learned to incorporate the following techniques into a therapeutic massage:  Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, Shiatsu, as well as introductory elements of Thai massage, and reflexology. 

Zen Shiatsu is a Japanese based, holistic approach to health care. I have completed a basic certification program and enjoy continuing classes and hands on learning from my Shiatsu teacher, Bobby Canty, based in the greater Boston area. Clients often comment on the feeling of depth to my work, which is Shiatsu based, noticing more than physical effects.

I am thrilled to be adding Hawaiian Lomilomi massage to my offerings. My first training is in the sacred lineage of Heartworks Lomilomi. Through a combination of breath and Aloha, together we welcome spirit to move through your being like a wave, as long, repetitive strokes flush your mind and body of any stagnation. This massage thoroughly treats your lymph system, improves circulation, works out body tension, releases mental blocks, and welcomes the spirit of Aloha to enliven your being.

My second LomiLomi training is in Temple Style. Deeply rooted in Hawaiian philosophy, or Huna, this LomiLomi soothes and smooths both your inner and outer being, using forearms to thoroughly melt any resistance and restore your mind, body and spirit flowing oneness with Aloha.

I am Reiki 2 certified. There is more information about Reiki on my Recommended Resources page. I offer this vibrant energy work as an addition to massage and / or as a separate treatment. Long distance Reiki treatment is also available.

Together we can release stress held in your body, leaving you more flexible, relaxed, grounded, and uplifted.




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