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That was an AWESOME massage... the best my body's felt in ages!  CH

Elizabeth gives a wonderful massage, and her healing energy keeps working long beyond the session.  SP

I've been to a number of massage therapists and the massage I got from Elizabeth was definitely the most relaxing massage I've ever received. The glow lasted the whole day.  MG

Thank you so much for giving me the gift of such a conscientious massage. As you were working on me, I could feel that the work you were doing was much more about focusing on me as a whole person, than only about manipulating muscles to make my body feel better. I walked in to your spa feeling stressed, both emotionally and physically, and walked out feeling uplifted and relaxed, on all levels.  EMC

I feel great!!! Wish I could visit you weekly!  SM

I have had many, many massages in my lifetime, and Elizabeth's massage was one of my absolute favorites.  She had an intuition of knowing where my trouble spots are and working through them without a word from me- I love this!  Her approach is holistic... her massage style is relaxing, not painful, which put me into a heavenly state and I left the table feeling fully rejuvenated!  I would recommend her to anyone, her mindfulness, strength and intuition make her one of the best massage therapists I have encountered!   ET

What you were doing to my neck felt like... the ocean... so relaxing I floated away.   JB

Thank you again, soooo much Elizabeth. You provided me with the best massage I have EVER gotten and it was such an added bonus for it to be on my birthday! I already feel the difference. I can't wait to come back!   BV

Your touch has such heart!  My favorite part was when it felt like a waterfall up my back.   EL

I feel like a million bucks!  TH

Elizabeth was so intuitive to my needs, I look forward to more sessions with this wonderful therapist.  BH


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